Dear neonatal colleagues and friends,

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever taken on too many projects in the NICU because they all seem so important?
  • Have you advocated for more hours or training in the NICU only to be told that it’s fine to ‘cover the NICU’ like any other unit?
  • Have you been told that the hospital no longer pays for continuing education but you enroll in courses anyway?

My guess is you have been through (or ARE going through) one or all of those experiences. I bet you feel like giving up sometimes – whether you’ve worked there for 3 months or 30 years.

So WHY do you stay?

What makes you go back into that arena time and time again?  Because let’s face it – it’s not necessary logical.

I have an idea why you decide (over and over) to stay. It’s because you’re ALL IN. Something about those babies, their families, neurodevelopment and the collaboration of the NICU team calls you back. This work settles in your bones and you are changed. We have all been changed. For good.

So no matter what comes your way, you persevere. You are resilient. You are simply ALL IN. We’d like to support you in your efforts – through every moment, project and transition.

At NANT, we also raise the bar for neonatal therapists. And the theme for the 2016 NANT Conference, ALL IN, will help us do just that.

The 6th Annual NANT Conference seeks to provide you with the latest hands-on practices, research and quality improvement initiatives so you can continue to be all in for your patients, their families and your colleagues without reinventing the wheel.

When you make the decision to invest in this level of networking, support, and education, you become the go-to-person (or team) in your unit. (Sometimes even in your state, region, or country.) The entire NICU benefits from the knowledge you gain and the connections you make.

Your unique skills, dedication and broadened perspective propel your practice and the NICU to a whole new level.

You can feel it happening at the conference. Your enthusiasm and passion are palpable.

Can’t wait to see you there!sue


Sue Ludwig, OTR/L
Founder and President
National Association of Neonatal Therapists
6th Annual NANT Conference

P.S. – And we listened to your feedback. I think you’re going to love the take-home practicality we have planned. Yes, even with the research.