Dear neonatal colleagues,

Picture this:

You’re sitting on your very own patio outside your room at the gorgeous Wigwam Resort in Phoenix, AZ, the venue for NANT 7. You’re surrounded by palm trees, serene winding pathways, and the sense of anticipation.

You’re not used to having time alone and find yourself feeling grateful for all the circumstances and people that helped you get to an event that refuels you both intellectually and emotionally.

You remember that months ago, when reading this page, I’d asked you to consider this scenario before you stepped foot into the exciting energy and momentum of the conference:

For the next 2 days imagine that there are no barriers, no challenges, (no RVUs), no preconceived notions standing in the way of providing the best care possible.

Then, when you enter each educational session, exhibitor interaction, or networking opportunity, instead of thinking, “That won’t ever happen in my NICU because [I’m not skilled enough, I don’t have the resources, my unit doesn’t care about this stuff]”, tell your inner-burned-out-critic to take a seat in the back because you are considering everything as a viable option.

Replace that thought with, “When I incorporate this into my practice babies and families will be able to [grow, develop, bond, eat, thrive] better than anyone ever thought possible. “

I want you to REIMAGINE YOUR IMPACT. Given a blank slate, I want you to see what is not yet there.

In order to do that you have to let go of some things –unsupported beliefs, out of date practices, playing small, shreds of shame for things you didn’t know or could’ve done better, not knowing how to be the perfect mentor to the next generation of therapists, the idea that ‘productivity’ ruins quality care (international friends, ‘productivity’ is a US healthcare thing – we’ll explain that in person).

Because here’s the thing: you cannot reimagine what is possible while holding tightly to the same old beliefs. Aren’t you tired of them anyway?

At NANT, we intend to not only raise the bar for neonatal therapists, but to raise the VISION of what you can collectively do today and in the future for babies, families, and each other. The theme for NANT 7, Reimagine Your Impact, will help us do just that.

The tagline: One Baby. One Family. One Day At A Time. intentionally grounds you to the present moment, knowing that while vision is vital, so are the simple yet profound actions you put into practice each and every day with each and every baby and family. Nothing visionary actually happens without champions and practical implementation.

NANT 7 seeks to provide you with the tools, education, and resources you need to reimagine your impact.

Your unique skills and broadened perspective propel your practice and neonatal neurodevelopment to a whole new level.

It all starts with you and that moment on your patio.

We have many things planned to help you from there. Can’t wait to see you in the Arizona sunshine!



Sue Ludwig, OTR/L
Founder and President
National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT)

P.S.  – We have special awards to give away at the conference this year.