Mastery Circle was born out of the desire to connect a small leadership-oriented group of colleagues within the bigger conference. Here’s how you know if it’s for you:
Mastery Circle

✔ You strive to learn more. Always. It’s how you’re wired.
✔ You lead change. (Or want to know how to!)
✔ You understand the value of collaboration and networking.
✔ You have (or want) broad perspective.
✔ You want to be surrounded by people who are just as excited about all of the above as you are!
✔ You’ve been looking for something more fulfilling but just can’t put your finger on it.
✔ You want to feel re-energized about your work.
✔ You don’t have time to sign up for all the benefits available at the conference. You want them with one click.


  • Pre-Conference Registration for Thursday, April 12th, 2017. (up to $180 value)
  • Main Conference Registration for Friday, April 13th and Saturday, April 14th, 2018. ($500 value)
  • Unit-changing, at-your-fingertips, specialized education! Zero hassle, automatic Pre-order of the 2018 Digital Mastery Pack which includes password protected access to online videos of all consented presentations from NANT 8 Conference, as well as downloadable PDFs of Presentation Slides.($297 value)

    Digital Mastery Pack

    2014 National Association of Neonatal Therapists Conference

    • Private space and Exclusive Leadership Training.

      During lunch on Friday, April 13th you will move to a private room for a 90 minute Leadership Training with NANT President, Sue Ludwig and Director of Education, Jenene Craig. This is for those of you who seek tangible leadership guidance to take your practice, ideas, consulting, or interests to another level. Bring ANY questions you wish. Lunch is provided.


    • Exclusive Invitation to Mastery Circle Networking Lunch
      on Saturday, April 14th.

      This is where life-changing connections happen. This is where the support gets deeper and the vision expands. This is where the vision of NANT is palpable. You’re invited to join Sue Ludwig and NANT VP, Chrysty Sturdivant, and your fellow Mastery Circle colleagues for an exclusive, engaging, high level networking lunch. You can continue to delve into conversations from Friday and enjoy support and feedback from colleagues who understand the leadership challenges you face.

      Woo-hoo!!!! Can’t wait for this!!

      **Limited availability!



      PACKAGE #3

      Please Note: If you are ordering for another person we recommend that you communicate with them before processing the registration that with this your purchase and sharing their contact details you are giving NANT permission to send them their confirmation of registration along with all follow up communications regarding their attendance at the NANT 8 Conference. If the attendee knows this process before hand they will recognize the registration emails in their inbox and not mark as SPAM.

      Need support? You can call our office right now at 866-999-5524 or click here to email the NANT ConferenceTeam.