Call for Abstracts


Welcome to the Call for Abstracts for NANT 9
Presented by the National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT)
Conference Dates:
Main Conference: April 12-13
Pre-Conference: April 11
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Deadline for abstract submissions is
Friday, August 17, 2018

Dear colleagues,

2019-NANT-bannerThe theme for NANT 9 is: Passion and Perseverance

If you know NANT very well at all, you know we are serious about conference themes. Why? Because words are powerful. And themes set the tone.

But most of all, these two words depict the DNA of neonatal therapists.

Without fail, people and entities that come into contact with you in their NICUs or at NANT Conferences convey these messages to us:

“We’ve never experienced such a passionate group of people.” Closely followed by, “And you guys get things done. I mean, you don’t give up even if it takes years (decades?) to improve practice!”

Passion and perseverance.

Your tenacity is grounded in your passion for babies and families. It’s the reason you won’t let go, the reason you won’t give up even when you find yourself working at home on a Saturday morning typing up meeting agendas, new guidelines, educational in-services, and professional goals.

NOTE: Not everyone does this. Not everyone thinks like this.

Most people are comfortable with the way things are. You are physically and intellectually uncomfortable when you know things could be better for the babies, families, and staff with whom you work.

You collaborate with colleagues of all professions as you forge new paths together. You respect the breadth of collective knowledge, the energy of team enthusiasm, and the challenges of healthcare. You know when to lead and when to follow. You see things through to the end. You take the long view because you’re already thinking of how your patients will function in second grade.

What does this theme have to do with your abstract submission?


What new paths have you forged? What research will you share to contribute to a body of evidence and/or patient care? What challenges have you faced that others can then avoid or solve? What strategies do you employ to passionately persist for the long haul? How has collaboration and/or mentorship buoyed your tenacity toward a unit-wide goal? How has your collective passion for babies broken down walls between disciplines? What topics particularly feed your neonatal PT, OT, or SLP specialty – so much so that you cannot wait to share them with your colleagues? What ‘hot topics’ will change the lives of your patients?

Your brilliance is requested not only by NANT, but by the tens of thousands of babies you can positively affect all over the globe by presenting at an internationally attended professional conference.

We invite you to submit an abstract for NANT 9. Any profession (or parent) with relevant
content may submit.

Submissions will be accepted for Main Conference Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, and Pre-Conference Sessions.

The committee is looking forward to reviewing your submissions!

Best regards,

Sue Ludwig Chrysty Sturdivant
Sue Ludwig, OTR/L, CNT Chrysty Sturdivant, OTR, CNT
NANT 9 Co-Chair NANT 9 Co-Chair


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