NANT Poster Guidelines

Poster Guidelines

The following are poster guidelines for presenting at the annual NANT Conference.

Presenting the unique qualities of your topic in a poster will be beneficial to other participants. The posters are surrounded by discussion and excitement every year. We were thrilled with the quality of the content presented at last year’s conference.

All poster presenters who attend the conference are required to register for the conference. All poster presenters are responsible for their own travel and all expenses related to their presentation. We will send you a unique code by which to register with a $50 discount in December.

All selected presenters will be asked to submit a PDF version of their poster two weeks before the pre-conference (March 19, 2020). These will not be published until AFTER the conference.

Poster Presenters (1 per poster) are required to be present during the ‘manned’ poster session(s).

Poster size and specifications:

Board Dimensions:   48” high, 96” long
Poster Dimensions: not to exceed 48″ high, 84″ long

You will attach your posters to this board using pins which WE WILL SUPPLY.