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Dear Colleagues and Exhibitors,

Like all great partnerships, we view your participation in NANT 10 as a win-win situation. We could not host this type of event without your support.

Companies in the maternal, infant, and neonatal markets are investing in this event because they realize that neonatal therapists bring a unique perspective and approach to their products and services.

The more companies like yours get to know our participants – their high level of education, research efforts, dedication to process improvement and innovation – the more you want to grow in relationship with them. (And vice versa!)

The NANT Conference is not a conference for generalists – it is a highly specialized group that seeks highly specialized products and services. Companies like yours are investing in ways to have a laser focused effect on a particular portion of the market. It’s why we never aim to have hundreds of exhibitors. We only want to partner with companies and organizations that serve babies in the NICU, NICU follow-up, and their families.

That way, our participants have an inherent desire to connect with you AND advocate for your products when back at work. (Which they do.)

We’ve seen new companies take off with the support of this group and global companies establish brand new and successful niches, messaging, and significance in the neonatal space. The value-add is tangible.

*Please review the standard and exclusive time sensitive benefits included in this prospectus and let us know how we can support you through this process.

I can’t wait to see you in Cincinnati for NANT 10 – “Celebrating Milestones” together!

Kind regards,

Sue Ludwig

Exhibitor registration is closed for this year.

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NANT 10: April 3 – 4, 2020; Pre-conference April 2.
Held at Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

top 10

pages1 NANT is the only way in the WORLD to reach neonatal therapists as a group! And with members in 19 countries we’ll help you connect to therapists around the globe.
pages2Acquire new contacts that have a unique view of your products. Neonatal therapists have a whole different perspective that may prove invaluable to your company and/or product design.
pages3 Pre-marketing for the conference will reach thousands of neonatal professionals through our widely read NANT Newsletter and active Social Media presence.
pages4 Enhance your cause-related marketing by participating in an event that benefits premature infants and the caregivers who serve them.
pages5Demonstrate products and services directly to the professionals who actively use them every day. This is where the valuable discussions begin!
pages6 Receive real-time feedback from participants about the successes and trials of acquiring and/or using your products and services. (This is invaluable!)
pages7 Event marketing is the best way to connect with women. (Over 95% of our participants in 2019 were women.)
pages8 Showing your support of this incredible group of participants is meaningful to them. They remember you.
pages9 Your company name/logo, website and contact info will reach every participant via our conference app.
pages10Demonstrate your interest in education. Unlike many conferences, exhibitors are welcome to attend educational sessions within the Main Conference. We believe that when we’re all on the same page, infants receive better care and better products and services.